The Hairtamer Effect : Angelina Ravelo

For some time now I have been in the mood to add some light to my dark toned hair. Who did I call? None other than my friend, and colorist confidant, the one and only  HAIRTAMER Angelina Ravelo.


Seeing I have been rocking  darker locks these days, it had been a while since I had gone to her for balayage or any other color treatment, for that matter. She immediately  asked that I send her a quick picture of my hair to see what she was going to be working with.   Before even stepping foot into her salon, both her and I had a clear picture of what the hair process would look like.  She consulted with me over text messages, giving me ideas, and suggestions on how we would start to achieve the lighter tone into the hair without going too blonde on my balayage, and most importantly without damaging my hair.

From the moment I got to her salon, which might I add, is newly renovated, I was greeted with a nice champagne pour, and small talk, yes GURUs can be sweet as well. We recapped on what we were going to do to my hair, and proceeded to add a little sparkle to my life.


The process consisted of retouching my roots, bleaching my hair using the balayage/ombre technique, toning the blonde, shampooing it out with a purple shampoo, yes PURPLE ( to control any brassiness in the newly bleached hair), and of course it was topped off with a mask/treatment for my hair.

Once the process was completed, Angie went on to blow dry my hair.  Like most good hairstylist, Angie proceeded to dry cut.some of the areas in my hair that needed trimming, this allowed my hair to feel lighter and allowed her to properly style my hair to perfection.  Speaking of perfection, did I mention Angie’s famous beach waved hair styles?!  I opted for beach wave hair, over a straight jagged style  As always, Angie never ceases to amaze me with her coloring techniques, and her styling tips.  Make sure you click on my hairtaimer link to check out all the fabulous high-end products that she used on me. Check out the short video on my full HAIRTAMER effect, including my final look. Tell me what you think!

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TARGET your STYLE: A few of my Faves

Universal Thread denim off the shoulder top and ripped jeans

I know I have been MIA lately, making today’s post my first 2018 post. The past few months have been very fun filled with a thrown out back, followed by a procedure to block a nerve on my back, due to herniated discs, the holidays, my son’s ingrown nail, and the funnest of all, studying! But I am slowly coming back from my brief hiatus.  For those of you who have been keeping up with my IG and  IG stories, thank you very much…Enough about me, lets get to the fun stuff!

The busier and more hectic my life gets…the all more grateful I am for Target. How many of you feel the same? I mean, its a woman’s  one stop shop DREAM.  All of last month, I found myself there about 10 different times. From buying cleaning products, toiletries, to food, each time, resulting in quick personal grabs like clothes and home decor. Below are some of my newest personal faves.  Tell me what you think.


The WHO WHAT WEAR ruffle dress.

This one right here was a big crowd pleaser the day I wore it.  I must warn  my curvier ladies though, make sure to size up, as this line of clothing runs pretty small, unless you are purchasing directly from their plus size line.  All of my WHO WHAT WEAR is from their regular sizes in case you were wondering, from XL to XXL.

The “Ice Cream Museum” Xhiliration Romper

I’m sure most of you saw my posts from this, where I featured a two-tone purple outfit.

In fact, what most of you thought to be a full romper, was in deed a combination of a romper with a crop top

If you look closely you will find the waist tie from the romper hanging underneath the knot portion of the top. Versatility with all of my clothes is key when dressing myself or any of my clients. I try to mix patterns, textures, and of course colors.  In this particular case,  I fell in love with the uneven pedal looking crop pant look portion of the romper, and sized up so that it would be loose fitting.  However when I sized up, I found myself with a bigger predicament, that being that the top portion of the romper was too loose.  I had two choices…one was to wear one of my crazy patterned bandeau bras, or layer with something fun yet contrasting.  After trying on various choices, I felt the most comfortable wearing it with this crop top.  Although this crop top was bought in the fall, there are various inexpensive options for crop tops if you are looking to create a similar look. Click on the link for CROP TOP.

Sunglass from Target

Women’s Plus Sized Ruffled French Terry Dress – ALMOST FAMOUS (Juniors)

This was the dress featured on my Instagram yesterday.  In case you were wondering, no I was not lying, this dress really did cost me $8.00, well…$8.98 to be exact.  If you don’t believe me, click on the link and find out. This little cute dress is part of Almost Famous’ junior plus size line at Target. For once, our young curvier, more heavy-set youth can wear what all their average sized friends and family are wearing, without feeling like an old maid, nor feeling left out.  Thank you Target for providing brands like this, that cater to our younger demographic, you have no idea what you are doing to the younger minds that have often felt left out, or out of place in the world of fashion. This was a total win!..I loved it so much, I bought it in the nude color as well. I paired the dress with a GUCCI belt and some stalkings, to accentuate the waist, and voila!


Women’s Long Sleeve Ruffle Cuff Sweatshirt  – Who What Wear™

Last but not least, my favorite for  upcoming Valentine’s celebrations the WWW ruffled flower sweathshirt

This is a sweatshirt, that can be paired with jeans, a skirt, pants, you can even try layering it over a work collared button down white shirt, over jeans or  even black, red, or white pants.  This top really goes with anything.  And these sleeves, I am obsessed with ruffled sleeves, I mean how baroque is that?!

In today’s IG post, I paired this top with a flirty skirt, along with sexy flowered patterned fish net like stalkings. What do you think?  I was between red booties or squared heeled open toes in red.  I opted for the booties seeing we are nearing the end of the booties season.

As much as I love diversity, I enjoy playing dress up.  Today’s OOTD involved a lot of playing and a lot of confidence.  Either way, I had lots of fun with it!..I mean how perfectly perfect is this OOTD for V-day?


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I HEART Aruba : A look back at vacation outfits

Last month we were lucky to have witnessed two good friends get married in the beautiful island of Aruba. Before I proceed to talk about what a great time we had, let me rewind to the week before the wedding.

It was the week of September 4th, and South Florida was preparing, and bracing for a catastrophic category 5 hurricane Irma.  Besides, my home being one of the first zones to mandatory evacuate, my family and I were forced to pack our cars with our  valuables, fearing the reality of coming back to nothing at all.  I rewind to this moment, to paint a clearer picture for my reason in saying “we were LUCKY” to have witnessed/attended our friends’ wedding.

Although we were spared the pain and suffering that those in certain parts of the Caribbean, Keys, Naples, and  most recently, Puerto Rico rendered, it was with heavy hearts that we embarked on this mini getaway we had so long hoped and planned for.

Our initial flight was cancelled the day before departing.  We immediately booked a new, more expensive flight through Suriname Airlines.  We were ready to go, or so we thought we were, only to find our flight was delayed, and by delayed I mean a nine hour delay to be exact, forcing us to drive back home to get some quick shut-eye, before the rescheduled flight the following day.  We were finally off, and on our way to something good.

After cancelled and delayed flights we finally made it to Aruba.  I could never have gotten through the the horrible airport experience, without my ever so comfy maxi by fabulux boutique.

This outfit was selected by Elaine, the boutique owner herself.  Not only did she have an eye for my shape and fit, but she was delightful to work with.  She paired the dress with  multi-colored tassel earrings, and voila! Twenty four hours later I was catching, or should I say, attempting to catch a flight to Aruba.  The dress is jersey cotton material, which is perfect for all shapes and sizes.  My second favorite characteristic about this dress, besides its style, is its length.  There is nothing more frustrating than wearing a maxi dress that is one inch too short.  It takes away from the femininity and grace that maxis are built for.  My Fabulux maxi  reached the floor, and given I had been wearing the dress for over 24 hours, I decided to change it up, I decided to make a cute knot to showcase my Valentino studded sandals.  The knot not only added personality, but it was functional.

After shortly arriving to our beautiful hotel Hilton Casino, we figured we would enjoy the rest of the afternoon soaking up Aruba rays, and so we did.

As a coverup I wore this beautiful embroidered pom pom trim linen poncho dress over my bathing suit. This dress not only served the purpose of a coverup, but also as an outfit for breakfast the following day. Yes sir! I try to pack light when I travel with a carry on, so finding more than one purpose for the items that I bring is key.

If Aruba is not relaxing enough in the day with its beautiful sunsets, the night time is just as enjoyable.  The people are friendly and speak so many languages.  The native language is Papiamento, a combination of Dutch and Spanish. Our first night most of the bridal party went out for dinner and drinks to a local Italian restaurant.  Their PIZZAs have to be one of the best pizzas, I have ever tasted.  The pizzas were thin crust, and the toppings oh so fresh!…But enough about the food, what did I wear?

I wore this delicate off-the shoulder flared sleeved white romper.  I knew it was after labor day, but I also knew that we were in tropical climate, and an island at that, so I took a fashion “no, no” and made it into an “absolutely, must do”. If you are wondering, I got this little number from one of the many Eloquii  sales.  The romper is a flowy-like thin material. It does need accessories.  Seeing I only traveled with a carry on bag, I tried to keep my accessories light as well.  I paired this outfit with turquoise tassel flat tie-up sandals, and gorgeous hand made turquoise earrings by my friend at It’s a Girl’s World

After eating the most amazing food, we decided to take a stroll, and get a feel for the nearby nightlife.  The air was humid, so a high bun, was in due order for the night.

The following day, we took to enjoying drinks and good food by the hotel’s gorgeous beach, and pools. Not only did my hubby and I get a nice tan, but we got to enjoy some solo time with friends, before the wedding at sunset.

That same day, our evening consisted of quality time with our special friends who tied the knot amidst a Godly sunset.  The weather was perfect, it was not humid, it was not hot, it was just as perfect as the two souls vowing to love each other for the rest of their lives.  The sunset  was the perfect backdrop, it was absolutely everything,  second to the beautiful couple. Of course the most important OOTD of my trip was  the dress I wore for the wedding.  Once again, my friends at Eloquii had everything to do with this number.

As if the ambience was not perfect enough, the layers on my yellow chiffon dress were like a breathe of fresh air.  Everyone wanted to know where I had gotten my dress.  Because of the dress’ halter neckline, I parted my hair down the middle, while slicking it perfectly down with a low bun.  I felt like a total Spaniard damsel.  I did smoky eyes and red stunning lips, I was only missing the fake Spaniard mole right above my lip.  I paired it with a ring and cuff bracelet by Julie Vos. Everyone took off their shoes as the wedding was on the sand. The moment was heavenly.  My husband wore a hand made linen guayabera, from Colombia.  He wore it with light Ralph Lauren slacks, and Salvatore Ferragamo loafers, no socks of course.  Not sure about you girls, but I love when my man dresses up with me.  Makes them that much sexier.

We continued to enjoy the night away dancing, laughing, and truly enjoying existing and new friendships.

The next morning we booked a snorkeling tour.  Not sure what was harder, waking up at 7am after a a fun filled night, or going to sleep at 3am, after a fun filled night.  Regardless, we were dragging our feet the next morning, but nevertheless, we pulled it together and enjoyed a scenic four hour tour where we snorkeled through a famous reef, the Antigua World War II ship wreck, and Catalina beach reef.  For this escapade, seeing we had gotten one too many sun rays the prior two days, I decided to wear a long sleeve one piece bathing suit.  Pay special attention to the criss-cross plunged top on the bathing suit.  Isn’t it sexy and chic?!

This bathing suit runs smalls so make sure you either size up.

After returning from our excursion, we decided to lounge by the pool, and recuperate from the last 2 days.

Before going to our dinner reservations, we decided to take a walk in the Aruba’s capital, and downtown area, in Oranjestad.  We walked popular locations, and saw local artists’ work around the island like the one shown below, where my husband and I are photographed sitting next to a cow sculpture.  Once of my favorite things from this part of the island was the colorful vibe in every structure.  If you were to go, you would find funky pastel colors such as pink, purple, blue, and yellow.  Speaking of color, we went shopping at a local market area that was surrounded by the cuttest little wooden sheds.  In classic form, I of course could not leave without photographing my matching tucan top, by eloquii.

After a good hour of walking and shopping, we realized it was getting closer to our reservation time. We decided to hail a cab, which was nearly impossible.  While looking for a cab we were able to capture a beautiful city sunset, which once again could not have been anymore divine.

We had made reservations at a staple restaurant for dinner,  Madame Janette.  It is one of the best restaurants I have ever eaten from.  They are only open for dinner,so make sure you make reservations if you are in the area.   We ordered a lobster gratin appetizer, followed my our main course, my main course was the lamb chops.  The restaurant is pricey, and it took a while to get our food, but for the quality of food we got, it was all well worth it.

The final day was bittersweet.  We did not want to leave, because we had a wonderful time, but we were ready to get home to our little one.  We woke up early and enjoyed one last breakfast in Aruba. Of course I had to go in style and comfort.  I wore an off the shoulder knitted top from Nordstrom, and black linen high slit pants. It was comfy, and stylish, all a girl needs when traveling.



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Lula Roe LOVE : A brand built for comfort and fun

I know I know..I’ve been MIA the past month.  I was dealing with some of the usual hiccups of life.  But I am back, and cant wait to bring you more stories.

Today’s OOTD story has everything to do with Lula Roe, specifically my collaborating friend’s   Emily Frances.

Patterns that would make any wallpaper run for their money, and styles that were made for all types of curvy girl bodies. Lula Roe has recently made a splash in the fashion industry with all of its interesting patterns and fabric.
Above all the esthetic obvious reasons, I am convinced that one of the main reasons their line has been so successful is because of Lula Roe’s comfort.

As a little girl I dreamed of having a two floor castle -like house.  Although my home is far from being a true life castle, it its a chateau full of style, love and cozy little nooks I like to call home.  One of my favorite things to do at home, is to stand outside my balcony while sipping my morning cup of Joe.  I love the idea of looking out to a beautiful sunrise, occasional sunset (although those tend to occasionally be accompanied by a glass of wine) and meditating on life. Today’s OOTD is brought to you by yours truly while wearing my SARAH duster cardigan by Lula Roe.

I must be frank, this little number has become my new mommy uniform, or should I say my super mom cape.  I refer to it as a cape because of its extra long length.  I measure 5’5” in height and it reaches mid shin.  Its made of soft cotton, yet thick enough to keep you warm when feeling cold.

I usually wear my “CAPE” over dresses, leggings, and with shorts.  It is the perfect clothing item, and accessory.

You can catch me wearing my SARAH whenever I am writing, creating, studying, or watching a movie with the hubby. There is nothing more that I enjoy than sitting in my bedroom, with the perfect white candle, glass of wine, and cold play sound track, all while wearing my handy dandy duster cardi.  It helps bring out all the creative juices.

Nope! Im still not done boasting about my Lula Roe faves.

My second OOTD is brought to you by this beautiful stripped beauty we like to call “The Cassie” pencil skirt.  As most of you know, I love anything with color. This skirt called my attention the moment I first laid eyes on it.  I loved the yellow and denim chambray blue-like thick stripe. Seeing I am pear shaped, and stripes tend to augment the size of my hips in comparison to my torsel, I tend to stray away from stripes. This skirt, as most Lula Roe clothing tend to be, is stretchy, and has a certain thickness to the material.  The thickness of the material is flattering to the mommy apron (tummy).  I paired this skirt with a chambray top, which i thought complimented the colors on the skirt best if I knotted the front portion of the top.  I love playing with clothing by knotting, or shifting the way in which it is suppose to be worn.  This is the fun part of FASHION ladies. For shoes I wore these laced up flats from Old Navy, which I paid a whopping $10 for!


Photography by : RobertJay Photograph

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Summer Bathing Suits for ALL Part I: We all deserve to enjoy bathing suit shopping

I remember a time when bathing suit shopping was nothing but FUN.  I had drawers filled with different styles, low cut, bandeau tops, cheeky bottoms, all of course BIKINIS.  Never would I have considered a high waisted bottom, much less a one piece bathing suit.  One piece bathing suits were for MOMS, my mom specifically, and I would NEVER ever wear that.

Well how the tables have turned my dears, and I am sure most of you can sympathize with my thoughts exactly.  After having my son, I fell into a sad realization that bikinis were not for me, no thanks to stretch marks and a giggly mid section. About 10 years ago, plus size was regarded as a nicer way of referring to bigger women.  The clothing styles, were succumbed to nothing but frumpy looking tops, and ugly “mom” jeans/bottoms.  Not sure which one was worse, if being considered a plus size woman, or wearing the clothing in the plus size section.

Plus size clothing has come a long, long way…now we have brands like Forever21 making cool crop tops, and ripped jeans ranging from sizes 0-28.  You say you want a revolution?  Well we are living it, and boy are “WE” lucky to be finally included in the world of chic and flirty fashion styles.  This is especially true when it comes to bathing suits.  We are no longer limited to one piece bathing suits attached to a skirt…lol.

Brands like Old Navy, Eloquii, and Target have helped pave the road to fashion success for us curvy ladies.  Recently I have fallen in love with one specific brand who like these brands, have also developed a brand name for themselves, that reeks “bathing suits for all”.  I am talking about swimsuits for all.  Swimsuits for all ranges from sizes 4-34.

Today’s bathing suits are both from Swimsuits for all.

The first featured bathing suit is by Ashley Graham.  It has been one of this summer’s best sellers, and its not available at the moment, however there are similar bathing suits like this style by Ashley Graham.  Some of which are on major sale.

I chose this bikini, although I feel most comfortable in a one piece.  This two piece is comfortable, its not low cut, and it has good back coverage, it avoids readjustment of the bottom; which is especially helpful when I go to the beach or play in the pool with my son. The crossing underneath by breasts and crossing through my back, add a fun and flirty touch to the entire look.

I absolutely love this picture of me sitting.  It is the true essence of what we struggle with as women.  We struggle with looking good, most importantly in a bathing suit.  Miami raised woman, are  brought up to believe that looking good in a bathing suit is one of the top priorities for making it BIG in the city.  So wearing this number was a breathe of fresh air.  It allowed me to get outside of my comfort zone.  It allowed me to pose, without worrying about what people would say.  I wanted to depict my true form, and show that it is ok to let it hang.  We are all different sizes, and have different body types.  Why should we ever pretend to look (even for a picture) like someone we are not?!!  This picture of me sitting,  shows one of my worst angles, but yet here I am SMILING!…My hope is that you will find the same comfort I have found in  swimsuits for all.   

I paired this bathing suit with a white fringed, open front cover up, that I bought four years ago, at a local boutique.


The second featured bathing suit is also from swimsuits for all.  It is actually my FAVORITE bathing suit.  I remember putting this bathing suit on for my photo shoot, and posing with such confidence.  Besides having an amazing photographer, who is simply inspiring, I knew loving what I a was wearing made a big difference.  I felt like a latina version of Beyonce.  The whole time I could hear the “I dont think your ready for this JELLY” hook by Destiny’s child in my head.  My hair was not done that day, but I was feeling it, running wild and all, and might I say I owned it. This bathing suit is a MUST, MUST have this summer.  Just make sure you size up as this bathing suit is very low back, and runs rather small for us taller, curvier women.


Lastly, I decided to pair this black magic woman bathing suit with a Geometric Boho Kimono.  The kimono is perfectly oversized.  You can wear it with jeans, as much as with a bathing suit. It adds a touch of chic.

Photography by : Robert Jay Photography

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Red White & Blue Swimsuit: 4th of July, Home of the Brave land of the FREE

Temperatures keep rising, and fourth of July is finally HERE!… Today we celebrate our country’s independence, and bask in the glory of being the home of the brave and land of the free.  In a time where war is so prevalent…today’s OOTD is dedicated to those who cannot yet see the silver lining, of some day being free of war, and oppression.

Today’s HIGH WAISTED TWO PIECE is by Gabi Fresh for Swimsuits for ALL.   The top is white and off the shoulders.  The straps are adjustable, and removable for the ladies who wish to have a nice even tan.  The bottom is high waisted and reaches about two inches above your belly button.  The bottom was made to resemble a denim jean, with fake pockets.  This look is perfect for the fourth of July weekend. It has a modern flirty flair, and comfortable for my mommies who suffer of the infamous “mothers apron” syndrome.

What’s a Mother’s apron you ask? It’s regarded as our “battle wounds” from having given birth to our children, specifically c-section births, that leave parts of our skin a bit saggy, to remind us of the beauty of motherhood.  Can I get an AMEN! to our “mother’s apron” ?!!!

I paired my bathing suit with this flag scarf from Old Navy, due to its size, it was perfect to use as a sarong coverup. Its newly discounted from $16 to $8…so get it while its HOTT!   By the way, this is not the first time I use an Old Navy scarf as a sarong.  I have multiple scarves from Old Navy that have served multiple purposes.  The material quality is good stuff I tell ya!

The stunning cateye sunglasses are from Amazon fashion.  They add a retro, yet chic look to a bathing suit as such.  They are bold, and are a fashion statement on its own.  They are made of a thick acrylic white material, and are everything far from flimsy.  Perfect to throw inside your bag, and call it a day.  I usually put all my sunnies inside their respective cases, but seeing I am a mommy on the go, its nice to know that glasses like these are strong enough to withstand being thrown inside a purse, in a sea of mommy gadgets without getting damaged.  BTW did I mention they are now discounted from $19.99 to $9.99.  Got get’em girl!

Finally but not least, are these FANTABULOUS red tassel earrings! You are not going to believe the incredible price on these bad boys right here.  Yes $7.89…and prime shipping eligible.  What better than finding fashion duds like these for less than $10, and knowing you can have them in less than two days.  These earrings have gotten a lot of attention lately.  Everyone asks me where I bought them, and I never hesitate to tell them, and of course suggest different ways to wear them. These are a complete accessory WIN!



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Never TUTU old : Tulle Skirt Oufit of the Day

Wedding dresses, ballerinas, first communion.. and of course, Carrie Bradshaw {Sarah Jessica Parker} from Sex & The City and the “Carrie” outfit, are some of things that come to mind when I think of tulle.  Who can forget the infamous Carrie SATC tutu skirt  she wore in the opening credits to the show?  I remember seeing that outfit, and thinking, “only on TV, I could never pull off a puffy skirt, much less made out of tulle!” I mean Carrie did change the game of fashion.  She made tutus work in the middle of Times square, and made cosmos cool again.

***Fun fact… The famous tutu skirt was a $5.00 bin find by the show’s stylist, Patricia Field.***

How about the final episode, when Carrie finally reunites with BIG in Paris, while wearing an oversized tulle skirt ? I remember wishing I had guts like Carrie to wear the same look.

Fast forward 19 years later (yes, 19 years, I googled it) and here I am, with my very own adult tutu skirt, loving it, and wearing it with all the confidence in the world.  Are we ever  TUTU old for a tutu? NOOO! We are NOT!

Today’s outfit of the day featuring this beautiful tulle skirt is brought to you by Amazon fashion

Dreamy huh?! Well…My excitement to wear this bottom, could not be stressed enough. I am actually looking forward to wearing it again for a baby shower this summer {stay tuned on my IG stories for that look}.

Though this skirt is made out of tulle, it is very airy, not once did I find myself uncomfortable or hot.  It has a silk lining which prevents it from being see-through, and adds a soft approach to the look.  Ladies, if  you decide to buy this piece, I suggest you size up.  The one I am photographed wearing is a size XL. The elastic band on the waist is perfect for added comfort.  Although a size L would have sufficed, I knew I wanted to have space to tuck in a shirt.  I wanted the waist portion of the skirt to fit gracefully versus too fitted, in consideration of a crop top for future styling purposes.

Seeing the skirt itself is an accessory of its own, I choose to barely accessorize.  Instead, I took on a very unconventional approach to styling this piece. Initially, I was going to rock my black converse with this look.  As  much as I am an adult, the little girl inside of me, playing dress up in my mothers clothes, forced me to go with heels.  I went with a softer, demure approach pairing this skirt with Steve Madden stilettos.  To complete my shoe game, I went with something spunky that would compliment the outfit.  I decided on  square patterned sheer socks .  One of my favorite buys from this look, as I have been able to style them with multiple open- toed sandals, but also with booties, and closed toed work shoes. They are comfortable, and a must in my book, due to its versatile function.

The black top is actually a bodysuit.   I bought it about 3 years ago from Forever 21. Below you will find links to some similar black bodysuits you can snag at a reasonable price.

  1. Forever 21 Bodysuit
  2. Shahuwa Sexy Bodysuit
  3. Lace up Bodysuit
  4. Xhilaration Target Bodysuit
  5. Who What Wear Target Plus Size Bodysuit

Finally, I decided to throw a little denim into the mix.  After all, denim DOES go with everything!




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Hats Please!: Top 5 Must Have Straw Hats For Summer 2017

2017 Summer Hats

My first encounter with hats consisted of a  little white hat, put in place by a pesky rubber band like string, resting underneath my chin, at the young age of three.  Yes, you guessed it, it was one of those fru fru little darling Easter hats.  Little did I know that somewhere down the line, my concept of hats, would eventually change.

Years later, after surviving my childhood hat trauma, I still found myself avoiding hats, as I thought wearing a hat seemed too over the top. It was about eight years ago that I rekindled my relationship with hats.  In actuality it was like falling in love all over again.  And like any great love story…So it began with a “Once upon a time”….

I had just had my son, we were on a “staycation”, and if you live in Miami, you know that all staycations involve the beach.  I was not  feeling my new mommy bod, and was much less in the mood to tan.  What this new mommy needed was time to relax.  I decided to stop by a Walgreens to get a hat, as I knew I definitely wanted to keep the sun away from my face.  And ladies, side note here…if there’s one thing I have learned 33 years young, is that there is nothing like a hat to keep the face protected, of course, second to sunscreen….can i get an AMEN?!

I was lucky to find an oversized straw hat that was quite fashionable, although I did not quite appreciate it at the time.  We went on to enjoy the rest of our weekend, breastfeeding, changing diapers, reading, naptime (for momma) and all while wearing my $10 straw hat.  It was not until we got back home, and I recapped the weekend, that I realized the hats functionality.  See in times before,as a young woman in my twenties, all i wanted to do was tan to a crisp, so a hat was definitely not anything I considered for practicality, and given my distaste for hats as a child, much less for fashion purposes.  I realized my face stayed intact, and so had my shoulders thanks to the hat size.  From that day on, this was my go to hat anytime we would go on vacation.  This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

“The Walgreens Hat”

Fast forward eight years later, and I find myself  a sucker for all types of hats, summer and fall.  So ladies, if you struggle with confidence or comfort when finding the right hat, I suggest you keep looking.  Hats are just too divine to not wear.  I mean there are just too many styles, to let them pass you by.  Given the season, my suggestion is you start with a summer look, like the straw hat.  Below are some of my straw faves.


  1. The Pom Pom Hat by Cottonon – Unfortunately, this beauty is not available online…but they are still available in-store.  If store shopping is not your thang, no worries, I have curated a few similar pom pom hats from Amazon here and here. Hope you likes.
Pom Pom Straw Hat and white cropped palazzo pants


2.San Diego Black Hat– This black beauty was perfectly matched with my JCPenney tropical romper.  For women standards, my head is bigger than average women.  Still this hat was the perfect fit.  It not only fit well, but stood well against the wind, and is made of sturdy straw material, making it less easy to squish and loose its shape.


San Diego Hat

3. The Neon Flat Top Straw Hat– This neon number is one big concoction of summer goodness. I mean straw material and neon thread? Really?! Can you say PERFECTION! There is something about bright colors for the summer, especially neon colors, that I cant help, but gravitate towards.  If you are anything like me, you will find pure bliss in this bohemian flair of style.

Rolled up Visor Straw Hat


4.  The Roll Up Visor Straw Hat– For my mommies on the go, for my ladies who dont have space to spare in their beach bags, or if you are just looking for the ease of storing a straw purse while on vacation, please please take notice of this little wonder.  Girls! I give to you the best thing since running water…the roll up visor from Target. It fits in your average sized handbag, beach or not, its great for the everyday  “soccer mom” and its just so DARN cute.

NY Fashion Fedora

5. NY Fashion Fedora- This fedora fabulousness by far is my top 5 favorite.  Its the one I use the most.  It comes in three different colors, with a wide brim, and it has an inside insert to make the fit adjustable. I of course wear it in the most loose setting.  I have been able to style this hat with linen pants, bathing suits, and dresses.  The featured picture, is styled with a red off the shoulder dress from Amazon, and tie-up flats from Zara.

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Orange YA glad you came?-WEAR a blog is born


ORANGE -ya glad you came?!!!!

Welcome to my blog’s premiere.  I look forward to getting to know all of my lovely readers.  Please feel free to leave a comment, ask questions, email me, and most importantly, please subscribe to my blog, so that you are kept up to date on the latest beauty and lifestyle trends.  So let’s get to it!

Speaking of ORANGE…Today’s outfit of the day {OOTD} is a burnt orange dress by ZARA . When I say this dress is one of my favorite casual outfits, I mean it as a complete understatement.  I love this dress for everyday errands, a day by the pool, to clean the house, and even for a day- date with my hubby.  Today’s OOTD was styled as  more of a day-date look.  YES, I do wear my hair in a messy bun on dates with my husband, and YES, there’s a lot more I can say about the messy bun look, but why steal this dress’ thunder?!  More on that topic, in due time.

Moving on…The dress’ length and style can be appreciated for the versatility it brings to the table.  Depending on your  height, the dress can be worn at maxi or midi length.  The neckline of this beauty is meant to be worn with exposed shoulders, and although I embraced showing my shoulders, I found more comfort (thanks to the elastic neckline) in wearing it as a boat neck.  Regardless of the length, or neckline style you choose to wear, this boho chic dress is a definite WIN!

Enough about my “ORANGE – YA glad” dress… Lets talk about the  eye-gawking accessories that completed the look.  The bright colored turban with the tropical print from ZARA, JEAN frindged yellow blocked heels by JUSTfab, chic yellow tassel earrings from Amazon, and of course, last but not least, a personal fave of mine…..drum roll pleaseeeee…my straw pom pom bag  from Target.

The hair turban definitely goes down as an EVERY summer must-have accessory, in my opinion it is a timeless piece.  It was  proudly used in the seventies as much as it is now. It is as appropriate to wear with a swimsuit, as it is with a dress.  If you don’t go with this turban in particular, be sure to gather a few other turbans for the summer.

***Did I mention it’s a great way to keep those messy baby hairs out of your way?***

The Jean! oh JEAN!  What CAN’T I say about these cute yellow fringed perfections?  Not only are they comfortable, thanks to the very popular blocked heel, they also give a sexy sleek look to the lady stems. The color is more of a mustard hue, and they are a subtle suede material.


I know what you’re thinking…”suede in summer?!”  Yes, in this case it is an absolute MUST…”no harm, no foul”.  JUSTfab currently has a get 2 for $24 deal for all new members. Click here to signup.

I am thrilled to say that with bags like this, its no wonder why straw bags are in high demand this summer.  Can we say O-M-G about the three gigantic POM POMS on the bag?!! I mean, this IS the summer of tassels and poms poms, is it not? And if this bag was not desirable enough, lets talk about the extra cargo space inside the bag.  One of my biggest pet peeves is the lack of room inside handbags, specifically beach bags.  I can attest that I have been able to fit two beach towels, a wallet, sunscreen, hairbrush, a change of clothes, and a small snack in this precious beauty.



Photos by Robert Jay Photography

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