Hi my name is Johanna Haza, I am a full-time God-loving, wife, mommy, and career woman with a 9-5 job.  I recently decided to embark on my dream to become a part-time blogger about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle at home. After years of styling my friends’ closets, helping them decorate their homes, planning bridal showers, birthdays, and other special events; I found the conviction to start something I fully believe will help other women.

You see, although fashion, beauty and lifestyle at home has always seemed attractive to me, I  found myself in a rut when I first became a mommy eight years ago.  Our son has been the biggest blessing imaginable,  but like any new mommy out there, we all know how much of a transition it is for our physical, and mental being.  And by “transition” I mean “challenge”.

Happy hours turn into evening bubble baths with our little ones, 12am outings no longer have the same meaning, unless you are referring to mid-night feedings, AND  SHOPPING well….that definitely takes on a new meaning! We find ourselves shopping the baby sections, that later turn into teenager sections, all the while neglecting ourselves as the beautiful women that we are, and rightfully so, because that is what super hero moms do right? Yes they do! And here is where I found inspiration regarding how I would impact women through my blog, and other social media. I realized I wanted to make a difference for women who struggled with time, budget constraints, and post-mommy CURVES,  just to name of few.

Eight years ago, I realized I needed to get out of my comfort zone, that being said, my comfort zone was nothing more than a pair of yoga pants and a white t-shirt. Through God’s grace,I turned to the same passion I had momentarily lost before becoming a mommy, that being my passion for FASHION, and of STYLING. I began to edit closets for free, just to get back into a hobby that I enjoyed, I learned how to shop in a whole new way.   I no longer had the body of a pre-pregnancy 24 year old , so I learned how to work with my body when coordinating an outfit.   I no longer had disposable income, so I learned to work with my budget. I learned what websites to shop, where to get coupon codes, and how to read clothing, and other item descriptions when shopping online, as most of my shopping was and IS done online.  I was a new type of superhero mom, and I have been empowered ever since.  Empowered to bring fashion, beauty and lifestyles tips into your homes.

I believe we never stop learning, otherwise we stop growing.  My vision for my blog is to create a community for women who have lost their “mojo”, who are curvy, who are young and flirty, who are creative,  who are looking for new ideas, who want to share ideas of their own, all while empowering one another.  See, I was inspired by my own life, I was inspired by the life of a mommy who is always on the go, and wants to look good doing it.  But “Wearifashion4you.com” is not limited to mommies, on the contrary, my goal is to touch each and every single type of women out there in different ways, each day.

I promise to develop my brand through my learning experiences, and I look forward to sharing this with all of you.

Feel free to leave comments or email me should you have any questions or opinions.  I cant wait to hear your voices!


Johanna Haza

“Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your HEART” -Psalm 37:4

Photo credit: Robert Jay Photography