I HEART Aruba : A look back at vacation outfits

Last month we were lucky to have witnessed two good friends get married in the beautiful island of Aruba. Before I proceed to talk about what a great time we had, let me rewind to the week before the wedding.

It was the week of September 4th, and South Florida was preparing, and bracing for a catastrophic category 5 hurricane Irma.  Besides, my home being one of the first zones to mandatory evacuate, my family and I were forced to pack our cars with our  valuables, fearing the reality of coming back to nothing at all.  I rewind to this moment, to paint a clearer picture for my reason in saying “we were LUCKY” to have witnessed/attended our friends’ wedding.

Although we were spared the pain and suffering that those in certain parts of the Caribbean, Keys, Naples, and  most recently, Puerto Rico rendered, it was with heavy hearts that we embarked on this mini getaway we had so long hoped and planned for.

Our initial flight was cancelled the day before departing.  We immediately booked a new, more expensive flight through Suriname Airlines.  We were ready to go, or so we thought we were, only to find our flight was delayed, and by delayed I mean a nine hour delay to be exact, forcing us to drive back home to get some quick shut-eye, before the rescheduled flight the following day.  We were finally off, and on our way to something good.

After cancelled and delayed flights we finally made it to Aruba.  I could never have gotten through the the horrible airport experience, without my ever so comfy maxi by fabulux boutique.

This outfit was selected by Elaine, the boutique owner herself.  Not only did she have an eye for my shape and fit, but she was delightful to work with.  She paired the dress with  multi-colored tassel earrings, and voila! Twenty four hours later I was catching, or should I say, attempting to catch a flight to Aruba.  The dress is jersey cotton material, which is perfect for all shapes and sizes.  My second favorite characteristic about this dress, besides its style, is its length.  There is nothing more frustrating than wearing a maxi dress that is one inch too short.  It takes away from the femininity and grace that maxis are built for.  My Fabulux maxi  reached the floor, and given I had been wearing the dress for over 24 hours, I decided to change it up, I decided to make a cute knot to showcase my Valentino studded sandals.  The knot not only added personality, but it was functional.

After shortly arriving to our beautiful hotel Hilton Casino, we figured we would enjoy the rest of the afternoon soaking up Aruba rays, and so we did.

As a coverup I wore this beautiful embroidered pom pom trim linen poncho dress over my bathing suit. This dress not only served the purpose of a coverup, but also as an outfit for breakfast the following day. Yes sir! I try to pack light when I travel with a carry on, so finding more than one purpose for the items that I bring is key.

If Aruba is not relaxing enough in the day with its beautiful sunsets, the night time is just as enjoyable.  The people are friendly and speak so many languages.  The native language is Papiamento, a combination of Dutch and Spanish. Our first night most of the bridal party went out for dinner and drinks to a local Italian restaurant.  Their PIZZAs have to be one of the best pizzas, I have ever tasted.  The pizzas were thin crust, and the toppings oh so fresh!…But enough about the food, what did I wear?

I wore this delicate off-the shoulder flared sleeved white romper.  I knew it was after labor day, but I also knew that we were in tropical climate, and an island at that, so I took a fashion “no, no” and made it into an “absolutely, must do”. If you are wondering, I got this little number from one of the many Eloquii  sales.  The romper is a flowy-like thin material. It does need accessories.  Seeing I only traveled with a carry on bag, I tried to keep my accessories light as well.  I paired this outfit with turquoise tassel flat tie-up sandals, and gorgeous hand made turquoise earrings by my friend at It’s a Girl’s World

After eating the most amazing food, we decided to take a stroll, and get a feel for the nearby nightlife.  The air was humid, so a high bun, was in due order for the night.

The following day, we took to enjoying drinks and good food by the hotel’s gorgeous beach, and pools. Not only did my hubby and I get a nice tan, but we got to enjoy some solo time with friends, before the wedding at sunset.

That same day, our evening consisted of quality time with our special friends who tied the knot amidst a Godly sunset.  The weather was perfect, it was not humid, it was not hot, it was just as perfect as the two souls vowing to love each other for the rest of their lives.  The sunset  was the perfect backdrop, it was absolutely everything,  second to the beautiful couple. Of course the most important OOTD of my trip was  the dress I wore for the wedding.  Once again, my friends at Eloquii had everything to do with this number.

As if the ambience was not perfect enough, the layers on my yellow chiffon dress were like a breathe of fresh air.  Everyone wanted to know where I had gotten my dress.  Because of the dress’ halter neckline, I parted my hair down the middle, while slicking it perfectly down with a low bun.  I felt like a total Spaniard damsel.  I did smoky eyes and red stunning lips, I was only missing the fake Spaniard mole right above my lip.  I paired it with a ring and cuff bracelet by Julie Vos. Everyone took off their shoes as the wedding was on the sand. The moment was heavenly.  My husband wore a hand made linen guayabera, from Colombia.  He wore it with light Ralph Lauren slacks, and Salvatore Ferragamo loafers, no socks of course.  Not sure about you girls, but I love when my man dresses up with me.  Makes them that much sexier.

We continued to enjoy the night away dancing, laughing, and truly enjoying existing and new friendships.

The next morning we booked a snorkeling tour.  Not sure what was harder, waking up at 7am after a a fun filled night, or going to sleep at 3am, after a fun filled night.  Regardless, we were dragging our feet the next morning, but nevertheless, we pulled it together and enjoyed a scenic four hour tour where we snorkeled through a famous reef, the Antigua World War II ship wreck, and Catalina beach reef.  For this escapade, seeing we had gotten one too many sun rays the prior two days, I decided to wear a long sleeve one piece bathing suit.  Pay special attention to the criss-cross plunged top on the bathing suit.  Isn’t it sexy and chic?!

This bathing suit runs smalls so make sure you either size up.

After returning from our excursion, we decided to lounge by the pool, and recuperate from the last 2 days.

Before going to our dinner reservations, we decided to take a walk in the Aruba’s capital, and downtown area, in Oranjestad.  We walked popular locations, and saw local artists’ work around the island like the one shown below, where my husband and I are photographed sitting next to a cow sculpture.  Once of my favorite things from this part of the island was the colorful vibe in every structure.  If you were to go, you would find funky pastel colors such as pink, purple, blue, and yellow.  Speaking of color, we went shopping at a local market area that was surrounded by the cuttest little wooden sheds.  In classic form, I of course could not leave without photographing my matching tucan top, by eloquii.

After a good hour of walking and shopping, we realized it was getting closer to our reservation time. We decided to hail a cab, which was nearly impossible.  While looking for a cab we were able to capture a beautiful city sunset, which once again could not have been anymore divine.

We had made reservations at a staple restaurant for dinner,  Madame Janette.  It is one of the best restaurants I have ever eaten from.  They are only open for dinner,so make sure you make reservations if you are in the area.   We ordered a lobster gratin appetizer, followed my our main course, my main course was the lamb chops.  The restaurant is pricey, and it took a while to get our food, but for the quality of food we got, it was all well worth it.

The final day was bittersweet.  We did not want to leave, because we had a wonderful time, but we were ready to get home to our little one.  We woke up early and enjoyed one last breakfast in Aruba. Of course I had to go in style and comfort.  I wore an off the shoulder knitted top from Nordstrom, and black linen high slit pants. It was comfy, and stylish, all a girl needs when traveling.



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