Lula Roe LOVE : A brand built for comfort and fun

I know I know..I’ve been MIA the past month.  I was dealing with some of the usual hiccups of life.  But I am back, and cant wait to bring you more stories.

Today’s OOTD story has everything to do with Lula Roe, specifically my collaborating friend’s   Emily Frances.

Patterns that would make any wallpaper run for their money, and styles that were made for all types of curvy girl bodies. Lula Roe has recently made a splash in the fashion industry with all of its interesting patterns and fabric.
Above all the esthetic obvious reasons, I am convinced that one of the main reasons their line has been so successful is because of Lula Roe’s comfort.

As a little girl I dreamed of having a two floor castle -like house.  Although my home is far from being a true life castle, it its a chateau full of style, love and cozy little nooks I like to call home.  One of my favorite things to do at home, is to stand outside my balcony while sipping my morning cup of Joe.  I love the idea of looking out to a beautiful sunrise, occasional sunset (although those tend to occasionally be accompanied by a glass of wine) and meditating on life. Today’s OOTD is brought to you by yours truly while wearing my SARAH duster cardigan by Lula Roe.

I must be frank, this little number has become my new mommy uniform, or should I say my super mom cape.  I refer to it as a cape because of its extra long length.  I measure 5’5” in height and it reaches mid shin.  Its made of soft cotton, yet thick enough to keep you warm when feeling cold.

I usually wear my “CAPE” over dresses, leggings, and with shorts.  It is the perfect clothing item, and accessory.

You can catch me wearing my SARAH whenever I am writing, creating, studying, or watching a movie with the hubby. There is nothing more that I enjoy than sitting in my bedroom, with the perfect white candle, glass of wine, and cold play sound track, all while wearing my handy dandy duster cardi.  It helps bring out all the creative juices.

Nope! Im still not done boasting about my Lula Roe faves.

My second OOTD is brought to you by this beautiful stripped beauty we like to call “The Cassie” pencil skirt.  As most of you know, I love anything with color. This skirt called my attention the moment I first laid eyes on it.  I loved the yellow and denim chambray blue-like thick stripe. Seeing I am pear shaped, and stripes tend to augment the size of my hips in comparison to my torsel, I tend to stray away from stripes. This skirt, as most Lula Roe clothing tend to be, is stretchy, and has a certain thickness to the material.  The thickness of the material is flattering to the mommy apron (tummy).  I paired this skirt with a chambray top, which i thought complimented the colors on the skirt best if I knotted the front portion of the top.  I love playing with clothing by knotting, or shifting the way in which it is suppose to be worn.  This is the fun part of FASHION ladies. For shoes I wore these laced up flats from Old Navy, which I paid a whopping $10 for!


Photography by : RobertJay Photograph

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