Hats Please!: Top 5 Must Have Straw Hats For Summer 2017

2017 Summer Hats

My first encounter with hats consisted of a  little white hat, put in place by a pesky rubber band like string, resting underneath my chin, at the young age of three.  Yes, you guessed it, it was one of those fru fru little darling Easter hats.  Little did I know that somewhere down the line, my concept of hats, would eventually change.

Years later, after surviving my childhood hat trauma, I still found myself avoiding hats, as I thought wearing a hat seemed too over the top. It was about eight years ago that I rekindled my relationship with hats.  In actuality it was like falling in love all over again.  And like any great love story…So it began with a “Once upon a time”….

I had just had my son, we were on a “staycation”, and if you live in Miami, you know that all staycations involve the beach.  I was not  feeling my new mommy bod, and was much less in the mood to tan.  What this new mommy needed was time to relax.  I decided to stop by a Walgreens to get a hat, as I knew I definitely wanted to keep the sun away from my face.  And ladies, side note here…if there’s one thing I have learned 33 years young, is that there is nothing like a hat to keep the face protected, of course, second to sunscreen….can i get an AMEN?!

I was lucky to find an oversized straw hat that was quite fashionable, although I did not quite appreciate it at the time.  We went on to enjoy the rest of our weekend, breastfeeding, changing diapers, reading, naptime (for momma) and all while wearing my $10 straw hat.  It was not until we got back home, and I recapped the weekend, that I realized the hats functionality.  See in times before,as a young woman in my twenties, all i wanted to do was tan to a crisp, so a hat was definitely not anything I considered for practicality, and given my distaste for hats as a child, much less for fashion purposes.  I realized my face stayed intact, and so had my shoulders thanks to the hat size.  From that day on, this was my go to hat anytime we would go on vacation.  This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

“The Walgreens Hat”

Fast forward eight years later, and I find myself  a sucker for all types of hats, summer and fall.  So ladies, if you struggle with confidence or comfort when finding the right hat, I suggest you keep looking.  Hats are just too divine to not wear.  I mean there are just too many styles, to let them pass you by.  Given the season, my suggestion is you start with a summer look, like the straw hat.  Below are some of my straw faves.


  1. The Pom Pom Hat by Cottonon – Unfortunately, this beauty is not available online…but they are still available in-store.  If store shopping is not your thang, no worries, I have curated a few similar pom pom hats from Amazon here and here. Hope you likes.
Pom Pom Straw Hat and white cropped palazzo pants


2.San Diego Black Hat– This black beauty was perfectly matched with my JCPenney tropical romper.  For women standards, my head is bigger than average women.  Still this hat was the perfect fit.  It not only fit well, but stood well against the wind, and is made of sturdy straw material, making it less easy to squish and loose its shape.


San Diego Hat

3. The Neon Flat Top Straw Hat– This neon number is one big concoction of summer goodness. I mean straw material and neon thread? Really?! Can you say PERFECTION! There is something about bright colors for the summer, especially neon colors, that I cant help, but gravitate towards.  If you are anything like me, you will find pure bliss in this bohemian flair of style.

Rolled up Visor Straw Hat


4.  The Roll Up Visor Straw Hat– For my mommies on the go, for my ladies who dont have space to spare in their beach bags, or if you are just looking for the ease of storing a straw purse while on vacation, please please take notice of this little wonder.  Girls! I give to you the best thing since running water…the roll up visor from Target. It fits in your average sized handbag, beach or not, its great for the everyday  “soccer mom” and its just so DARN cute.

NY Fashion Fedora

5. NY Fashion Fedora- This fedora fabulousness by far is my top 5 favorite.  Its the one I use the most.  It comes in three different colors, with a wide brim, and it has an inside insert to make the fit adjustable. I of course wear it in the most loose setting.  I have been able to style this hat with linen pants, bathing suits, and dresses.  The featured picture, is styled with a red off the shoulder dress from Amazon, and tie-up flats from Zara.

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