Never TUTU old : Tulle Skirt Oufit of the Day

Wedding dresses, ballerinas, first communion.. and of course, Carrie Bradshaw {Sarah Jessica Parker} from Sex & The City and the “Carrie” outfit, are some of things that come to mind when I think of tulle.  Who can forget the infamous Carrie SATC tutu skirt  she wore in the opening credits to the show?  I remember seeing that outfit, and thinking, “only on TV, I could never pull off a puffy skirt, much less made out of tulle!” I mean Carrie did change the game of fashion.  She made tutus work in the middle of Times square, and made cosmos cool again.

***Fun fact… The famous tutu skirt was a $5.00 bin find by the show’s stylist, Patricia Field.***

How about the final episode, when Carrie finally reunites with BIG in Paris, while wearing an oversized tulle skirt ? I remember wishing I had guts like Carrie to wear the same look.

Fast forward 19 years later (yes, 19 years, I googled it) and here I am, with my very own adult tutu skirt, loving it, and wearing it with all the confidence in the world.  Are we ever  TUTU old for a tutu? NOOO! We are NOT!

Today’s outfit of the day featuring this beautiful tulle skirt is brought to you by Amazon fashion

Dreamy huh?! Well…My excitement to wear this bottom, could not be stressed enough. I am actually looking forward to wearing it again for a baby shower this summer {stay tuned on my IG stories for that look}.

Though this skirt is made out of tulle, it is very airy, not once did I find myself uncomfortable or hot.  It has a silk lining which prevents it from being see-through, and adds a soft approach to the look.  Ladies, if  you decide to buy this piece, I suggest you size up.  The one I am photographed wearing is a size XL. The elastic band on the waist is perfect for added comfort.  Although a size L would have sufficed, I knew I wanted to have space to tuck in a shirt.  I wanted the waist portion of the skirt to fit gracefully versus too fitted, in consideration of a crop top for future styling purposes.

Seeing the skirt itself is an accessory of its own, I choose to barely accessorize.  Instead, I took on a very unconventional approach to styling this piece. Initially, I was going to rock my black converse with this look.  As  much as I am an adult, the little girl inside of me, playing dress up in my mothers clothes, forced me to go with heels.  I went with a softer, demure approach pairing this skirt with Steve Madden stilettos.  To complete my shoe game, I went with something spunky that would compliment the outfit.  I decided on  square patterned sheer socks .  One of my favorite buys from this look, as I have been able to style them with multiple open- toed sandals, but also with booties, and closed toed work shoes. They are comfortable, and a must in my book, due to its versatile function.

The black top is actually a bodysuit.   I bought it about 3 years ago from Forever 21. Below you will find links to some similar black bodysuits you can snag at a reasonable price.

  1. Forever 21 Bodysuit
  2. Shahuwa Sexy Bodysuit
  3. Lace up Bodysuit
  4. Xhilaration Target Bodysuit
  5. Who What Wear Target Plus Size Bodysuit

Finally, I decided to throw a little denim into the mix.  After all, denim DOES go with everything!




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