Orange YA glad you came?-WEAR a blog is born


ORANGE -ya glad you came?!!!!

Welcome to my blog’s premiere.  I look forward to getting to know all of my lovely readers.  Please feel free to leave a comment, ask questions, email me, and most importantly, please subscribe to my blog, so that you are kept up to date on the latest beauty and lifestyle trends.  So let’s get to it!

Speaking of ORANGE…Today’s outfit of the day {OOTD} is a burnt orange dress by ZARA . When I say this dress is one of my favorite casual outfits, I mean it as a complete understatement.  I love this dress for everyday errands, a day by the pool, to clean the house, and even for a day- date with my hubby.  Today’s OOTD was styled as  more of a day-date look.  YES, I do wear my hair in a messy bun on dates with my husband, and YES, there’s a lot more I can say about the messy bun look, but why steal this dress’ thunder?!  More on that topic, in due time.

Moving on…The dress’ length and style can be appreciated for the versatility it brings to the table.  Depending on your  height, the dress can be worn at maxi or midi length.  The neckline of this beauty is meant to be worn with exposed shoulders, and although I embraced showing my shoulders, I found more comfort (thanks to the elastic neckline) in wearing it as a boat neck.  Regardless of the length, or neckline style you choose to wear, this boho chic dress is a definite WIN!

Enough about my “ORANGE – YA glad” dress… Lets talk about the  eye-gawking accessories that completed the look.  The bright colored turban with the tropical print from ZARA, JEAN frindged yellow blocked heels by JUSTfab, chic yellow tassel earrings from Amazon, and of course, last but not least, a personal fave of mine…..drum roll pleaseeeee…my straw pom pom bag  from Target.

The hair turban definitely goes down as an EVERY summer must-have accessory, in my opinion it is a timeless piece.  It was  proudly used in the seventies as much as it is now. It is as appropriate to wear with a swimsuit, as it is with a dress.  If you don’t go with this turban in particular, be sure to gather a few other turbans for the summer.

***Did I mention it’s a great way to keep those messy baby hairs out of your way?***

The Jean! oh JEAN!  What CAN’T I say about these cute yellow fringed perfections?  Not only are they comfortable, thanks to the very popular blocked heel, they also give a sexy sleek look to the lady stems. The color is more of a mustard hue, and they are a subtle suede material.


I know what you’re thinking…”suede in summer?!”  Yes, in this case it is an absolute MUST…”no harm, no foul”.  JUSTfab currently has a get 2 for $24 deal for all new members. Click here to signup.

I am thrilled to say that with bags like this, its no wonder why straw bags are in high demand this summer.  Can we say O-M-G about the three gigantic POM POMS on the bag?!! I mean, this IS the summer of tassels and poms poms, is it not? And if this bag was not desirable enough, lets talk about the extra cargo space inside the bag.  One of my biggest pet peeves is the lack of room inside handbags, specifically beach bags.  I can attest that I have been able to fit two beach towels, a wallet, sunscreen, hairbrush, a change of clothes, and a small snack in this precious beauty.



Photos by Robert Jay Photography

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