Summer Bathing Suits for ALL Part I: We all deserve to enjoy bathing suit shopping

I remember a time when bathing suit shopping was nothing but FUN.  I had drawers filled with different styles, low cut, bandeau tops, cheeky bottoms, all of course BIKINIS.  Never would I have considered a high waisted bottom, much less a one piece bathing suit.  One piece bathing suits were for MOMS, my mom specifically, and I would NEVER ever wear that.

Well how the tables have turned my dears, and I am sure most of you can sympathize with my thoughts exactly.  After having my son, I fell into a sad realization that bikinis were not for me, no thanks to stretch marks and a giggly mid section. About 10 years ago, plus size was regarded as a nicer way of referring to bigger women.  The clothing styles, were succumbed to nothing but frumpy looking tops, and ugly “mom” jeans/bottoms.  Not sure which one was worse, if being considered a plus size woman, or wearing the clothing in the plus size section.

Plus size clothing has come a long, long way…now we have brands like Forever21 making cool crop tops, and ripped jeans ranging from sizes 0-28.  You say you want a revolution?  Well we are living it, and boy are “WE” lucky to be finally included in the world of chic and flirty fashion styles.  This is especially true when it comes to bathing suits.  We are no longer limited to one piece bathing suits attached to a skirt…lol.

Brands like Old Navy, Eloquii, and Target have helped pave the road to fashion success for us curvy ladies.  Recently I have fallen in love with one specific brand who like these brands, have also developed a brand name for themselves, that reeks “bathing suits for all”.  I am talking about swimsuits for all.  Swimsuits for all ranges from sizes 4-34.

Today’s bathing suits are both from Swimsuits for all.

The first featured bathing suit is by Ashley Graham.  It has been one of this summer’s best sellers, and its not available at the moment, however there are similar bathing suits like this style by Ashley Graham.  Some of which are on major sale.

I chose this bikini, although I feel most comfortable in a one piece.  This two piece is comfortable, its not low cut, and it has good back coverage, it avoids readjustment of the bottom; which is especially helpful when I go to the beach or play in the pool with my son. The crossing underneath by breasts and crossing through my back, add a fun and flirty touch to the entire look.

I absolutely love this picture of me sitting.  It is the true essence of what we struggle with as women.  We struggle with looking good, most importantly in a bathing suit.  Miami raised woman, are  brought up to believe that looking good in a bathing suit is one of the top priorities for making it BIG in the city.  So wearing this number was a breathe of fresh air.  It allowed me to get outside of my comfort zone.  It allowed me to pose, without worrying about what people would say.  I wanted to depict my true form, and show that it is ok to let it hang.  We are all different sizes, and have different body types.  Why should we ever pretend to look (even for a picture) like someone we are not?!!  This picture of me sitting,  shows one of my worst angles, but yet here I am SMILING!…My hope is that you will find the same comfort I have found in  swimsuits for all.   

I paired this bathing suit with a white fringed, open front cover up, that I bought four years ago, at a local boutique.


The second featured bathing suit is also from swimsuits for all.  It is actually my FAVORITE bathing suit.  I remember putting this bathing suit on for my photo shoot, and posing with such confidence.  Besides having an amazing photographer, who is simply inspiring, I knew loving what I a was wearing made a big difference.  I felt like a latina version of Beyonce.  The whole time I could hear the “I dont think your ready for this JELLY” hook by Destiny’s child in my head.  My hair was not done that day, but I was feeling it, running wild and all, and might I say I owned it. This bathing suit is a MUST, MUST have this summer.  Just make sure you size up as this bathing suit is very low back, and runs rather small for us taller, curvier women.


Lastly, I decided to pair this black magic woman bathing suit with a Geometric Boho Kimono.  The kimono is perfectly oversized.  You can wear it with jeans, as much as with a bathing suit. It adds a touch of chic.

Photography by : Robert Jay Photography

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