The Hairtamer Effect : Angelina Ravelo

For some time now I have been in the mood to add some light to my dark toned hair. Who did I call? None other than my friend, and colorist confidant, the one and only  HAIRTAMER Angelina Ravelo.


Seeing I have been rocking  darker locks these days, it had been a while since I had gone to her for balayage or any other color treatment, for that matter. She immediately  asked that I send her a quick picture of my hair to see what she was going to be working with.   Before even stepping foot into her salon, both her and I had a clear picture of what the hair process would look like.  She consulted with me over text messages, giving me ideas, and suggestions on how we would start to achieve the lighter tone into the hair without going too blonde on my balayage, and most importantly without damaging my hair.

From the moment I got to her salon, which might I add, is newly renovated, I was greeted with a nice champagne pour, and small talk, yes GURUs can be sweet as well. We recapped on what we were going to do to my hair, and proceeded to add a little sparkle to my life.


The process consisted of retouching my roots, bleaching my hair using the balayage/ombre technique, toning the blonde, shampooing it out with a purple shampoo, yes PURPLE ( to control any brassiness in the newly bleached hair), and of course it was topped off with a mask/treatment for my hair.

Once the process was completed, Angie went on to blow dry my hair.  Like most good hairstylist, Angie proceeded to dry cut.some of the areas in my hair that needed trimming, this allowed my hair to feel lighter and allowed her to properly style my hair to perfection.  Speaking of perfection, did I mention Angie’s famous beach waved hair styles?!  I opted for beach wave hair, over a straight jagged style  As always, Angie never ceases to amaze me with her coloring techniques, and her styling tips.  Make sure you click on my hairtaimer link to check out all the fabulous high-end products that she used on me. Check out the short video on my full HAIRTAMER effect, including my final look. Tell me what you think!